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Radical opposition Mi Hazánk has expressed solidarity with a strike action of teachers demanding higher wages. Mi Hazánk deputy leader Dóra Dúró told an online press conference on Wednesday that teachers’ professional and strike freedoms “should be increased rather than cut”. The problem of teachers earning meagre salaries “could be seen from the Moon”, while the government “has no intention to settle their problems”, Dúró said, adding that suggestions from government circles that teachers’ salaries could be raised in 4-5 years’ time were “quite appallingly cynical”. The government’s argument that a pay hike in education is not possible without European Union funds is “unacceptable”, she said, noting that the government had been waging a “high-sounding war of independence” against the EU for years. “The government has admitted that if it were for them, teachers’ finances will not improve,” Dúró said. She suggested that soon there would be no teachers for certain subjects, adding that in some schools “cleaners earn higher wages than teachers”. Dúró also demanded that “no teacher should lose their job because they dare to speak up about their difficult situation”.