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The United States and China are the clear winners of “Brussels sanctions”, while the European Union and Hungary are the losers, according to the results of a survey carried in September by the Századvég Foundation. Fully 71% of Hungarians believe that the US benefits economically from the war and related sanctions while 68% held this to be true of China, according to Századvég’s report published on Friday. Meanwhile, respectively 81% and 87% said the EU and Hungary were their victims. Fully 56% of Hungarians surveyed said neither side would emerge victorious from the war in Ukraine, the report said.
Századvég said the two conflicting sides were moving farther apart from an agreement and a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Fully 28% of respondents to the think-tank’s survey believed that Russia was more likely than Ukraine (10%) to prevail, while 56% said neither side was likely to do so. Most Hungarians are in favour of peace talks and a compromise rather than sanctions and further escalation, it added. Altogether 52% of respondents believed Russia to be the loser of the sanctions, while 84% of Hungarians considered Ukraine to be so, Századvég’s report said.