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Protecting the rights of individuals and families, including the promotion of customer rights, is among the Hungarian government’s top priorities, the justice minister told the 5th conference on alternative dispute resolution organised by the National Bank of Hungary’s Financial Conciliation Body. Judit Varga said disputes can be resolved without going to court through conciliatory or arbitration bodies. Such alternative procedures promote lawful behaviour and help to reduce the burden on law courts, she said. Alternative dispute resolution is aimed at ensuring consumers faster, simpler and cheaper ways to resolve disputes than filing a lawsuit, the minister said. “Settling disputes peacefully and ensuring an everyday life free of conflicts is a crucial government and social goal in this time of war,” she said.
The government has to tackle problems arising from soaring energy prices and inflation, but preserving families’ security is another top priority, and this is why the cabinet has decided to maintain the caps on the prices of utilities, fuels, and food products, Varga said. Meanwhile, Varga said the government was committed to peace and had condemned Russian aggression while supporting Ukraine’s integrity and sovereignty. Peace is in the interest of ordinary Hungarians and of the whole of Europe, she added.