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Hungary is implementing the largest humanitarian action in its history, having received 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine as well as participating in the reconstruction of a school and medical facility in Kiev region, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in New York. The Hungarian authorities are offering work to Ukrainian parents who want to stay in Hungary as well as education and health care to their children, the ministry quoted Szijjártó as saying at a donor conference on Ukraine held under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly.
More than 4,000 Ukrainian children started kindergarten or school in 1,250 institutions in Hungary in September, and every effort is being made to help them overcome language difficulties, he added.
Hungary is ready to fully rebuild a bombed school and doctor’s surgery in Kiev region, the latter located in a multi-purpose building which also houses local council offices and a post office, he added. Additionally, the government has offered 1,000 scholarships to refugees from Ukraine who want to study in Hungarian higher education and special medical services to 130 children, Szijjártó said.
As a neighbour of Ukraine, Hungary is experiencing the negative effects of the war directly and has a vested interest in the armed conflict ceasing as soon as possible, he added. There is hardly a more suitable or broader platform for pushing the peace process than the UNGA, and Hungary’s government will assess the success of the session based on whether it brings peace closer, the minister added.