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The Russia-Ukraine war is no longer a local conflict, Viktor Orbán told a meeting of the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democratic parties. European Union sanctions against Russia have turned it into a global economic war, he said.

The prime minister called on the alliance’s MPs to work strenuously to ensure that the EU drops its sanctions before the end of the year, Magyar Nemzet online reported. Orbán said it was obvious that the war would be prolonged, and protecting Hungary’s security, economy and sovereignty was now more important than ever. That is why the government set up a national defence fund, withdrew soldiers from the frontiers and set up a border patrol unit, he said, adding that additional troops were needed to defend the country.
While the war worries people, it is inflation that impacts them directly, Orbán said. Before the April elections economic trends seemed predictable despite the war, but the EU adopted its sanctions including a ban on oil and gas purchases, which has caused the price of gas to triple since June, the paper quoted him as saying. If the EU dropped its sanctions, prices would be halved immediately, similarly to inflation, Orbán said. Europe’s economy would revive and a looming recession avoided, he added.