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After the "troubles war has brought on the world", it is time for countries to cooperate to achieve peace, the foreign minister has said.

Péter Szijjártó said on Facebook that the broadest and most appropriate platform for such a cooperation was the United Nations General Assembly, currently under way in New York. “I have the honour to represent Hungary for the seventh time at this global political event; this year’s assembly will be a special one as there is a war raging in a neighbouring country,” he said. “The measure of the assembly’s success this year will be whether we come closer to peace or not. The world organisation is standing before the most important test of its history,” Szijjártó said.
Meanwhile, Balázs Orbán, the political director of the Prime Minister’s Office, said in Bratislava that China and the US may benefit from the war in Ukraine dragging out but Europe certainly would not gain anything from it. At a roundtable of Visegrád Group country representatives, he said inflation, the energy crisis and unemployment could send central Europe into a spiral of economic decline. Hungary’s standpoint is to focus on pushing in the direction of peace and securing a ceasefire as swiftly as possible, he said.