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Hungary and Poland have once again become EU member states stigmatised on the back of left-wing ideological campaigns, MEPs Balázs Hidvéghi and Kinga Gál of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party said late on Thursday.
The two European lawmakers commented on the European Parliament’s resolution on Thursday that concluded that respect for human rights had diminished during the coronavirus pandemic in the European Union, especially in Hungary and Poland. Gál, head of Fidesz’s European parliamentary delegation, said it was regrettable that debates over human rights had become tinged by political ideology, and the interpretation of human rights in many cases had become a tool for the dissemination of left-wing ideas. As an example, she mentioned Hungary’s child protection law, which she said had been subjected to unfair attacks based on ideological prejudice.
Hidvéghi said the report painted a “completely false picture”, portraying the situation of fundamental rights in Europe as “blatantly negative” and continually bringing about an “emergency situation”, which he said could weaken social cohesion. The Fidesz MEP also criticised the report for “compulsively naming more and more social groups and regurgitating their trumped-up grievances”. He added that, on this basis, the report sought to interfere in the competences of the member states. Hidvéghi called it lamentable that “the report was drafted in line with the usual scenario: the left abuses an otherwise important issue and once again pushes its own ideology.”