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Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party blasted the European Parliament for “still busily attacking Hungary even amid the current crisis”, after the EP voted to approve the Hungary rule-of-law report on Thursday. The European Parliament on Thursday passed a report on the state of the rule of law in Hungary. According to the report approved with 433 votes in favour, 123 against and 28 abstentions, European Union values are under threat in Hungary, and the country can no longer be considered a full democracy. Fidesz said in a statement: “The people of Europe are enduring an energy crisis thanks to Brussels’ failed sanctions, yet the left-wing European Parliament’s priority, even so, is to attack Hungary.” “Brussels wants to punish Hungary … and withhold the money that is due to the country,” it added. Fidesz attributed the EP vote to the government’s refusal to allow illegal migrants into Hungary and LGBTQ propaganda into schools, as well as its opposition to “Brussels’ sanctions that have caused the energy crisis”. Referring to Hungarian MEP Klára Dobrev, the statement decried Hungarian left-wing MEPs “led by Ms. Gyurcsány” for “working against their own country”.