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The energy market is stretched to breaking point and the situation is unsustainable, Kadri Simson, the EU commissioner responsible for energy affairs, told a plenary session of the European Parliament. Meanwhile, Fidesz MEP András Gyürk said in a press statement in connection with Tuesday’s plenary that the European Commission had been tardy in reacting to the energy crisis and its sanctions against Russia had “backfired”. Moreover, its latest proposals were “irresponsible and absurd”.
“Brussels has not risen to the task” of dealing with the crisis, he said. “The commission sat on the sidelines while gas and electricity prices rose during the summer … and a price cap on imported natural gas would reduce already scarce supplies of natural gas even further,” Gyürk said, adding the measure would be “absurd” going into the heating season. Due to the sanctions, Europe’s economy has weakened, he said. “Instead of new sanctions packages … Brussels should focus on helping European industry, its small and medium-sized businesses, and citizens,” the Fidesz MEP said.