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Hungarians are proud of the service and performance of their soldiers, President Katalin Novák said in Kosovo. Addressing the troops stationed in Novo Selo, Novák, in her capacity of commander-in-chief of the Hungarian Armed Forces, thanked the soldiers serving in Kosovo on behalf of the Hungarian people. Hungarians are well aware of and support the soldiers stationed in the Balkan country, she added. The president thanked Major General Ferenc Kajári for his service in commanding the KFOR peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.
Novák noted the ongoing war in Ukraine, which she said every European country had wanted to avoid. Hungary is on the side of peace, she said, adding that an upset of the stability in the Western Balkans region could also affect Europe. “It is not just fighting a war that is hard, but so is creating and preserving peace,” she said. Novák told the troops that as a wife and mother, she understood how hard it was for them to be far away from their families, and thanked their families for their patience and support.