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Ruling Fidesz has maintained its lead over the opposition parties over the summer, while its support fell by 7 percentage points to 47%, the website said on Monday, citing a poll by the Nézőpont Institute. Support for the opposition fell to “around 32%, even considering uncertain voters who might support a joint opposition list,” Nézőpont said. Meanwhile, the ratio of undecided voters grew to 11%, Nézőpont said. It seems “those leaving Fidesz have become undecided rather than opposition supporters,” Nézőpont said. The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialist, LMP, Jobbik, Párbeszéd and Momentum parties which set up a joint list in the April parliamentary election, had a 16% support at the end of August, down from 17% in July, Nézőpont said. DK and Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) were the only parties to increase their support by 1 percentage point to 6%, respectively, the pollster said.