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Education, transport and regional development were in the focus of five bilateral talks between foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar and Ukrainian officials in Kyiv on Thursday.

Education, transport, regional development were areas seriously harmed by the war, Magyar said. They agreed on expanding the capacity of the Záhony-Chop (Csap) border crossing, enabling Ukrainian grain exports to transit Hungary, he said. Hungary will have to carry out major railway developments in the Záhony area, and a working group has already been set up to work on this project, he said. Progress has also been made in the areas of education and minority rights, he said. “If [Ukraine] pays attention to these issues, then we are ready to maintain constructive dialogue and find solutions to Transcarpathian Hungarians’ concerns regarding their rights.” Meanwhile, the Hungarian Interchurch Aid works with Hungarian government financing and uses local experts who have considerable experience and knowledge of Ukraine to help internal refugees and carry out infrastructure development, he said. Magyar said he also met the Ukrainian president’s foreign affairs advisor, and they agreed that the war must not hinder the two countries’ representatives in making progress with unresolved issues.