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The European Parliament has sent a “lecturing message” to Serbia, which has been waiting for the last twenty years to become a European Union member state, Andor Deli, a Fidesz MEP, told MTI on Tuesday. Born in Vojvodina, Serbia’s northernmost province, Deli commented on a report by the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) assessing the political situation of three countries aspiring for EU membership, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia. Serbia deserves a much better assessment, he said, calling it “unacceptable” that during the war in Ukraine “Serbia is exposed to a frontal attack and lecturing”. The report, Deli said, failed to promote Serbia’s soonest possible admission to the EU when the country had the potential to be a European mainstay in a period of multiple security challenges.
Although the report was meant to deal with the fulfilment of accession criteria, it was motivated by political considerations in the background, Deli said.
For instance, it criticises Serbia for its approach to the EU sanctions against Russia while failing to mention that Serbia is a sovereign country whose government gives priority to its national interests, especially in a situation when the country is highly dependent on Russian energy deliveries, he said.