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László Kövér, Hungary’s Speaker of Parliament, held talks with Rachid Talbi El Alami, Speaker of Morocco’s House of Representatives, in Budapest on Thursday, and talks focused on political, economic and tourism relations, Zoltán Szilágyi, Köver’s press chief, told MTI. The two sides surveyed the rapid development of inter-parliamentary relations over the past few years, he said. Hungary sees Morocco as a primary strategic partner in Africa, Kövér said, adding that stability as well as tourism and cultural heritage are key features of both countries’ foreign policy. Europe and north Africa form a single political region, and Morocco is the most secure country in it, he said.
“Hungary welcomes and supports Morocco’s regional efforts to combat terrorism and its open, stabilising policies,” Kövér said. The two speakers agreed that there is a pressing need for intensive dialogue on topical North-South issues because mankind is facing multiple challenges.
Among the latter, Kövér and Talbi El Alami mentioned the Ukraine-Russia war, the refugee and energy crisis stemming from it, and food shortages threatening Africa, which they said can only be surmounted through mutual dialogue.