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The existence of nation states is under threat from a range of global challenges, according to the pro-government Civic Union Forum (CÖF) and associated CÖKA foundation. Member of CÖF’s board of trustees Tamás Fricz told a press conference on Thursday that international organisations like the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union had recently been working to supplant nation states.
Last month’s meeting of the WEF gave the impression that the organisation was looking to introduce a sort of “neo-Marxist, neoliberal, neo-communist world governance”, Fricz said. Bank leaders proposed replacing cash with central bank digital currencies, “which would lead to the subjugation of citizens”, he added.
Meanwhile, at the WHO general assembly, officials proposed that the organisation should take over pandemic-related competences from national governments so that its director-general could decide on the measures to be introduced in member states, including the imposition of a global vaccine mandate, Fricz said. “Fortunately, the proposal was voted down,” he added.
Concerning the EU, Fricz said the bloc was determined to replace the unanimity requirement in the European Council with qualified majority voting with the aim of creating a “super federal Europe”. CÖF and CÖKA support the Hungarian government’s policy of defending national sovereignty, he added.