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Balázs Hidvéghi, an MEP of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz, has said: “We reject the series of petty attacks by the European left which have already created division and which weaken the EU’s ability to act in a crisis situation”. Commenting on the plenary debate on the rule of law situation in Poland and the European Commission’s approval of the recovery plan for that country, Hidvéghi said the approval had come after several months of delays for Poland in accessing funding it is entitled to. “The fact that the commission finally took this decision shows that all previous attacks and accusations against Poland were nothing other than political hysteria and blackmail with no real grounds,” the MEP told MTI. “Left-wing and radical left deputies, groups and forces” in the European Parliament were bent on continuing their “petty accusations and political blackmail” and their “ideological attacks against the Christian Democratic Polish government the same way they have been acting against Hungary for a long time,” Hidvéghi said. EU member states must bond together and respect each other “when there is a war next door”. “This is the only way to make common decisions at a time when Europe is threatened by an economic, migration and energy crisis,” he said.
The MEP said it was high time the commission approved Hungary’s recovery plan, insisting that “Hungary is entitled to receive those funds, because the country has done all it could to prepare an appropriate plan”. “It is time for the commission to act on this because in a war situation what is needed is unity,” Hidvéghi said, adding that Hungary had taken in the largest number of refugees in proportion to its population. “The act of withholding funding that Hungarians are entitled to is part of a series of political-ideological attacks, it must be accepted that the EU is composed of 27 member states with a wide range of traditions, cultures and decisions, and creating harmony among these needs mutual trust and respect,” he said.