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Hungary is doing everything possible to help bring about peace in Ukraine, Kinga Gál, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, said in Strasbourg on Wednesday, noting that the country had backed all six of the EU’s sanctions packages against Russia. Hungary supported the first five sanctions packages as they were, and the sixth one on phasing out Russian oil imports on the condition that it would not apply to pipeline deliveries, Gál told MTI. She said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had been successful in protecting the Hungarian government’s cap on utility costs at last week’s summit of European Union leaders. He was the only leader to stand up for the interests of Hungarian families, but at the same time worked to find a common solution in the interest of European unity, Gál added.
She said there were more and more predictions being made about serious economic problems hitting Europe. “Europe must not find itself in a worse situation than Russia after the sanctions are introduced; we cannot cause more damage for our own peoples,” Gál said. “This should be the main factor in the decision making.”
Hungary firmly condemns war crimes, Gál said, adding that they should not go unpunished and that Russian aggression “cannot be defended”. She noted that Hungary was helping Ukraine by taking in some 10,000 Ukrainian refugees a day and undertaking “one of the largest humanitarian aid operations” in its history. Meanwhile, Gál said Hungary opposed sanctions against religious leaders because “such measures make it harder to establish peace”.