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Three-quarters of respondents would not support Hungary shutting off crude oil and natural gas deliveries from Russia under pressure from the US and the EU, while 21% would not oppose the measure, according to a fresh survey by the Századvég Foundation. The foundation canvassed the views of 1,000 people in May regarding the economic consequences of the sanctions imposed on Russia in response to the war in Ukraine.
Rejection of the proposed phased embargo on Russian energy resources traversed “traditional party lines”, the survey said.
A majority (51%) of the sympathisers of the opposition alliance, 58% of the opposition Two-Tailed Dog party, and 91% of the radical Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) party opposed Hungary banning oil and gas deliveries from Russia. “On the issue of the oil embargo, the ruling parties represent the opinion of the majority of opposition voters,” Századvég said. Fully 89% of respondents said sanctions against Russia harmed the EU and its economy. Some 10% said the sanctions had no meaningful impact on the European economy, Századvég said.