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A delegation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Director-General of Swiss-based charitable international humanitarian organisation Terre des Hommes, Barbara Hintermann, had talks with Deputy Mayor of Budapest Ambrus Kiss and his team at City Hall on Wednesday. “UNHCR was among the first international organisations that made contact and offered cooperation after the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine,” it added. “According to their information, around 100,000-140,000 Ukrainian refugees are currently staying in Hungary, mostly in Budapest, but very little confirmed information is received about them from official sources,” the statement said. UNHCR continually monitors shelters provided by the city and they have received good assessment, the Mayor’s Office said. “These will be further developed in cooperation in the future,” it added. “We will be working on jointly establishing facilities for refugees where a more comprehensive range of services will be offered,” it said.
Consultations were held with Hintermann, accompanied by Dorina Ardeleanu, head of operations for Europe, Asia and Latin America at Terre des hommes, the Mayor’s Office said. The organisation currently offers support at two shelters operated by the metropolitan council, and they plan to expand their presence to all facilities, it added. The Swiss organisation is also actively involved in the metropolitan council’s work to make sport safer for children.