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The radical Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) party is proposing scrapping lawmakers’ immunity with a view to curbing “politicians’ crimes”, Előd Novák, the party’s deputy leader, said on Tuesday. Scrapping the “outdated privilege of politicians” would require amending the Constitution, Novák said. The law “entitles politicians to act irresponsibly”, and violates the principle of equality before the law, he said. Meanwhile, members of the party group also signed a proposal to end the “nearly perpetual state of emergency”, originally imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Novák said, adding that low infection numbers justified abolishing that measure. Novák said the government’s intention to maintain the special legal order in view of the “American-Russian war in Ukraine” was “unacceptable”. He said Mi Hazánk lawmakers would not support amending the Constitution to enable such a step, and the government should withdraw the decree allowing foreign military units into the country, he added.