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Full-time caregivers of their own family members perform work and should therefore be entitled to an income of at least the minimum wage, leaders of the opposition LMP party said on Sunday, marking International Labour Day. “On the occasion of Labour Day we can declare that we still regard the state as the worst employer because it has failed to recognise social workers by providing them due remuneration,” LMP’s co-leaders and parliamentary group leader said in a joint statement. Back in 2004, when the now ruling Fidesz party was in opposition it pledged to recognise in-home care as a form of employment, they said. “But even being in power for the past 12 years has not been enough for Fidesz to deliver on its promise,” they added. Increasing the amount to be paid for in-home care would cost the central budget 45 billion forints (EUR 119m) annually, which the party’s leaders said was “an insignificant amount”. They demanded that the government increase payment to people who provide in-home care to a family member other than a child.