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President János Áder has asked Viktor Orbán, the incumbent prime minister and leader of the election-winning Fidesz party, to set up Hungary's next government.

Orbán was nominated for the post by the Fidesz-Christian Democrat party alliance. Áder confirmed that Orbán had accepted his request and added he would make a formal proposal to parliament on Monday. Áder said the recent election was “the first of its kind in various ways” among the nine democratic elections held since 1989. For the first time, two multi-party formations were competing – the Fidesz-led alliance and the opposition coalition — and the number of national lists was at a record so low, he said, adding that April 3 had seen the highest number of foreign observers and the fewest complaints received. “The results of the election, and the decision voters made are clear: the election was lawful, constitutional, free and democratic,” the president said. “The legitimacy of the new parliament and the next government cannot be questioned,” he added.
In a press statement made in the presence of the president, Orbán said that “a decade of perils” lay ahead of Hungary: “There is war, prices are rising in Europe, and signs of a serious energy crisis are apparent.”