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Fully 97% of Hungarians identify sustainability as a key issue and most support Hungary's climate goals.

More than 70,000 Hungarians took part in an online consultation on environmental protection launched by the government last year, Zsolt Nyitrai, the prime minister’s commissioner for social affairs said. Attila Steiner, the state secretary for climate, energy policy and the development of the circular economy, said 97% of respondents identified sustainability as a key issue. The survey found that most Hungarians supported Hungary’s climate goals, with 81% backing them on the condition that they did not endanger the country’s energy security. More than 85% of respondents agreed that the world’s top polluters should bear the costs of transitioning to a sustainable future, he said. Altogether 67% expressed support for raising fines for illegal waste dumping, while 22.6% favoured even tougher penalties, the state secretary said. Nearly to 99% said they would welcome a new deposit return scheme for single-use plastic bottles. Meanwhile, the installation of solar panels was backed by more than 95%, tree planting schemes by 98% and the reduction of single-use plastics by 90% of respondents.