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Hungary has “stayed unbroken despite all difficulties” amid the coronavirus pandemic, government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi said in a video published on the government’s website on New Year’s Day. The spokeswoman said that the health services had been able to take care of each patient, and “there is enough vaccine for everyone, and by now the a large part of the population have been vaccinated, with the majority having received a booster jab”. Thanks to the government’s measures, the national economy has continued to grow, and the number of jobholders has grown, she said.
In another video posted on Sunday, Szentkirályi said the government was ploughing 800 billion forints (EUR 2.2bn) into wage hikes for public servants, and tax cuts worth 750 billion forints will help the private sector in raising the minimum wage at the beginning of 2022, in line with regulations.
Nurses’ wages will grow by a further 21% from January, she said. Doctors’ wage hike will also continue, in line with the scheme launched in 2020 to raise doctors’ salaries two-and-a-half-fold on average, she said. Employees working in the social and cultural sectors, as well as in crèches, will see a 20% raise, she said. Teachers’ wages will grow by 10%, as will that of those working in law enforcement, she said. Law enforcement employees will also get a one-off salary supplement of six months’ salary in February, she added. The minimum wage and the minimum wage for skilled workers will also grow by 20%, she said.