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The aim of the Planet 2021 Budapest sustainability expo is not to scaremonger but rather to present opportunities to act in the interest of environmental protection, President János Áder said.

Inspecting the event’s sustainability programmes for visitors, Áder said the Your Planet exhibition presented man’s impact on the environment as well as opportunities to pursue sustainability. The exhibition’s 120 pages worth of accompanying text would normally be too much for visitors to take in, but the sound effects and visuals make the information easier to digest, the president said. “It is important to give visitors an experience but it is even more important to instill in them — especially in children — a desire for knowledge regarding environmental protection,” Áder said.
The president said he hoped the expo’s visitors would remember what they see at the event whenever they are confronted with the issue of environmental protection. The feedback from the expo floor indicates that the various programmes have captured visitors’ interest and make a good case against overconsumption and burdening the environment with excess waste, he said.
At the expo, held last week, altogether 183 exhibitors displayed their latest products and solutions on 20,000 square metres.