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Hungary’s left-wing parties have “sided with the LGBTQ lobby striving to get inside schools”, István Hollik, communications director of the ruling Fidesz party, said in a video statement on Wednesday. Hollik’s statement followed Tuesday’s parliamentary vote giving the green light to a referendum aimed at supporting Hungary’s child-protection law, a vote which the opposition boycotted. The ruling parties consider sex education the exclusive right of parents, Hollik said, adding that left-wing support for the “LGBTQ lobby” was obvious and that its proposals had been endorsed by the Democratic Coalition and Momentum parties. “It is point-blank in Momentum’s programme that LGBTQ education should be ensured at schools,” Hollik said, adding that former Momentum leader András Fekete-Győr “has gone as far as to admit that he would allow transsexuals to hold so-called awareness classes in kindergartens.”
“It’s already visible in the West what would happen if Hungarian voters failed to curb the LGBTQ lobby,” Hollik said. In the Netherlands, for example, “they start sex education from the age of four, and this includes gender identity and homosexuality.”