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The government is prolonging the national vaccination campaign by a week, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on public radio on Friday.

“We can have a big family Christmas this year” only if the number of those taking booster shots grows significantly, Orbán told Kossuth Radio. Most of those being vaccinated are receiving the third jab now, with the number of those still taking the first dose the lowest, he said. Orbán said that while lockdowns only slowed the spread of the disease, booster shots offered a decisive solution. At the same time, people should also comply with the protection measures in place, he said. He asked Hungarians to take the third jab.
On the subject of possible further restrictions, Orbán said the government would not exclude anything. If take-up of booster shots rose and the pace of new infections could be reined in or halted, shutdowns would be unnecessary, he added. Following European approval for a vaccine that can be used to inoculate 5-12 year-olds, Hungary has purchased 2 million doses, he said, adding that the first shipment of 130,000 doses was expected to arrive on Dec. 20. After that, deliveries of the vaccine suitable for children would be continuous.