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Hungary's justice minister has said the European Commission is intent on forcing the government to let migrants into the country.

The European Court of Justice and the European Commission’s ruling on the “Stop Soros” law package aims to get Hungary let in migrants, but their efforts failed as “Fortress Hungary is still standing”, Hungary’s justice minister told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Tuesday’s ruling that Hungary’s criminalisation of help given to people making their claim for asylum breaches EU law is “totally baffling”, Judit Varga said in the interview. “They are attacking the law which is meant to protect Europe from illegal migration and from unlawful support for migration,” she said.
While the EU’s migration system is dysfunctional, Hungary used to have a “smoothly operating legal framework”, involving transit zones that were open to safe third countries and closed to the Schengen region and “thus contributed to curbing illegal migration to Europe as a whole,” Varga said. As the transit zones had to be closed, all rejected asylum-seekers who could not be returned home remained in Hungary, a situation that “runs counter to the principle of sovereignty laid down in the Basic Law”, she said.