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Hungary's current government, as long as it is in power, "will enforce the will of the Hungarian people and prevent Hungary from becoming an immigrant country," Zoltán Kovács said on Tuesday.

Referring to the European Court ruling that Hungary’s criminalisation of help given to people in making their claim for asylum breaches EU law, the state secretary for international communications and relations said on Facebook that the “Stop Soros” law passed in 2018, which made organising and financing illegal migration punishable, had succeeded in preventing the mass influx of migrants.
Citing public surveys carried out in Hungary, he said the law had the steadfast support of the Hungarian people. He said the “pro-immigration left” had savaged the law and, under pressure from the Soros Open Society Foundations, the European Commission launched infringement proceedings against Hungary.
Kovács said Hungary respected the ECJ’s ruling regarding the Stop Soros package of laws, but it reserved the right to take action against foreign-funded NGOs, including any activities by organisations funded by George Soros seeking political influence or promoting migration. Hungary’s position on migration, he said, had not changed — namely, that help should be given at the location of the problem.