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Standing on the bulwark of Europe, we will win for the fourth time in 2022, László Kövér, the speaker of parliament, said at the 29th congress of ruling Fidesz in Budapest on Sunday. “The forces of globalism and their local representatives came against us three times over the past decade, but we, listening to both our minds and our hearts, have defeated them three times,” in a democratic and peaceful manner, Kövér said. “We have helped Hungary win three times over the past decade, and we have received strength from God and the confidence of our nation three times,” he said.
“The lords of East and West are again playing their dirty games at our expense, in which we are once again destined to play the role of virtual cannon fodder”, he said. If we cannot organise central Europe into a political factor worthy of its growing economic power and population, we deserve to have history repeated with us, Kövér said.
Addressing the congress, Zsolt Semjén, the leader of the allied ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP), said that “the Fidesz-KDNP alliance is a political community, the most successful one in the European Union and in the history of Hungarian politics. The essence of Fidesz-KDNP is that it is not only an alliance, but a real community, one that has won every parliamentary election with an absolute majority since 2008. And this is not going to be different this time,” Semjén said, referring to the next parliamentary election in spring 2022. “Our goal, the reason why we are doing all this is to protect Christian civilisation against an invasion of migrants and the LGBTQ craze, as well as to protect our national sovereignty,” he said.
Kinga Gál, an MEP of Fidesz, who was elected a vice president of the party, said that a major difference of opinion in Europe was the way the issue of demography is addressed. “A certain part of the continent wants to resolve the problem with migration,” she said, adding, however, that Fidesz’s position is that a different composition of the population in Europe would change Europe’s identity. “We must avoid that,” Gal said, adding that “the future of Hungary, and the whole of Europe, is in families”.
Judit Varga, the justice minister, told the congress that “It was worth taking on the conflicts with the bureaucrats in Brussels and represent the interests of Hungarians despite all the difficulties, because with our persistent policies we can slowly change the whole of Europe”. “We have been proven right. The Hungarian people has been proven right on the really important issues,” she said. Varga said the government was right not to support the banks during the financial crisis but the people, it was right on public utility price cuts and on stopping illegal migration, and many countries are now following the Hungarian model. Hungary, along with its allies, stands up for the sovereignty of nation states because “we believe that everyone should put their own homeland and the interests of their own people first”, the minister said.