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Viktor Orbán, the prime minister, was re-elected as leader of Hungary's ruling Fidesz at the party's 29th congress in Budapest on Sunday.

Addressing the congress, Orbán said Fidesz “has remained loyal to itself, to Hungary and the Hungarian people” ever since it was established, Orbán said, adding that Fidesz stands for loyalty, faith and trust and it is a loyal party. “Over the past 33 years, more Hungarians voted in favour of our party than in favour of any other party in the history of Hungarian parliament,” he said.
“We are successful, because what Fidesz is doing is its passion,” Orbán said. “We are aiming to reach the top, and that is where we want to take Hungary as well,” he said. Orbán said that “sixteen years in opposition and sixteen years in government can only be done with unwavering optimism, confidence and deep faith”, adding that Fidesz is a political community the members of which “believe in patriotism and productive life”.