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The airport in Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city, is developing fast with the help of state, local government and private funding and is hoped the handle a larger number of passengers than before the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor László Papp said on Wednesday, at the topping out ceremony of a logistics facility. Scheduled flights at the airport were launched in 2012 with annual passenger numbers increasing year by year, Papp said, noting that their number would have totalled close to one million in 2020, had the coronavirus not broken out.
“Although the number of passengers and flights had dropped because of the pandemic, the airport’s development has not come to a halt,” the mayor said.
István Herdon, the CEO of the Xanga Group, said that the airport’s multimodal centre will be developed with a 4 billion forint investment (HUF 11m) in partnership with MNB Invest Ltd. The 4400sqm incubator building is 16 metres high and suitable for accommodating a passenger plane as a hangar.
Companies moving to the incubator next year will create 50-100 jobs at the airport, he said.