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A recent, "clear" decision by the Polish constitutional court is "being misinterpreted in Europe", the prime minister's chief of staff said, arguing that "the dispute is not over whether European Union law has precedence over national legislation but in which areas it has precedence".

Gergely Gulyás said that Poland’s top court has given an answer “to a bad practice of recent years” under which European institutions “seek to extend their scope of authority to areas in which member states “have never conferred any powers” to those institutions, he said.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán signed a government resolution Saturday morning welcoming the judgement by Poland’s constitutional court and requesting that EU institutions respect the sovereignty of member states. The resolution states that “the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Poland was prompted by bad practice of the European Union institutions, which disregards the principle of subsidiarity and seeks to deprive the rights of the Member States, rights never conferred to the European Union, by stealthy extension of powers without amending the Treaties of the European Union”. “The primacy of EU law can take precedence only in areas where the European Union has competence, the framework of which is laid down in the Treaties of the European Union,” it states.