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Meanwhile, Gulyás congratulated the winner of the German election, saying that he trusted Germany would continue to be a predictable partner and adding that economic relations were highly important. Gulyás said whatever new coalition emerged was expected to have narrower differences between its parties than ever before, and these parties, he added, were not especially known for their understanding of central Europe.
Whether or not there will be a deal on the EU recovery fund was hard to say but negotiations were ongoing, Gulyás said. On certain issues progress has been made, he said, but the government refuses to adhere to the demands made by the European Commission regarding Hungary’s child protection law in their current form since ‘there’s no basis for such a request under EU law’.
On the topic of the opposition primaries, he said 8% of those eligible to vote had taken part in the first round. He insisted the primaries were for show and the winner would inevitably be the mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony.
Regarding the Covid situation, he said revealing data on fatalities of the unvaccinated would be problematic in terms of personal data protection and a sense of decency. But those who have been inoculated have a much lower chance of getting seriously ill and dying, he added.
Commenting on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s visit to the Czech Republic on Wednesday in reply to a question about whether it would be possible for Hungary to purchase a 51% stake in a Czech company manufacturing military aircraft, Gulyás said: “We’re glad if we’re able to acquire Hungarian ownership in important foreign companies”.