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Answering a question about Hungary’s Gazprom gas contract, he said Hungary would be paying much less to the Russian giant than before, but the price was a business secret. The energy mix, he added, would not change in the future, neither would the proportion of Russian gas as part of it.
In another development, Gulyás said that Ukraine had started taking “revenge” on ethnic Hungarians during Hungary’s talks with Russia on gas supplies, and the Hungarian government would thwart association talks between Ukraine and NATO. He said, however, that “we would like to resume dialogue”, adding that Hungary would continue to make humanitarian and political gestures towards Ukraine.
Concerning the coronavirus situation, Gulyás said he did not see “an urging demand” to lift restrictions so that by-elections could be held, but added that it was “inconceivable” that next year’s parliamentary elections should be postponed because of a coronavirus-related emergency.