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The prime minister’s chief of staff flagged a 5.5% GDP growth for Hungary in 2021 and discussed other economic, as well as topical political issues, on Wednesday. Hungary’s economy will “definitely” grow by more than 5.5% this year, and the figure could even reach 7.5%, Gergely Gulyás told a weekly government press briefing. He said the growth figure meant the government’s plan to partially reimburse the personal income tax of working parents could be realised. He said that the reimbursed amounts will be calculated based on the average wage and payments will be made early next year.
Referring to a report by the finance minister discussed during a cabinet meeting earlier in the day, he said it was inconceivable that this year’s growth rate would be below 5.5% and he welcomed “the highest growth rate in the past 31 years”. By how much higher growth may be would depend on pre-Christmas consumer turnover, he said, adding that “hopefully no new developments, even amid the pandemic, will negatively impact the economy”.