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Balázs Hidvéghi, an MEP of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz, criticised a resolution passed by the European Parliament calling on member states to lift all obstacles facing LGBTQ people when exercising their rights, saying that the EP’s “leftist majority is continuing its ideological rampage and interfering in issues it has nothing to do with”. Member states, he said, could not even refer to their own constitutions when it came to the issues of family or marriage, but were “required to accept the latest folly from Brussels”. “We are now at the point that the European Parliament wants to decide for us what we should consider a family and marriage, how we should raise our children and what we should teach them in school,” Hidvéghi said.
In a video posted on Facebook before the EP plenary session, Hidvéghi said the legislative body was threatening member states that were unwilling to “submit wordlessly” to “this ideological rampage” with the withholding of funding. “Hungary is a reliable and predictable partner in European cooperation when it is based on mutual respect. We accept others’ opinions on their own issues but won’t allow Brussels or the European Parliament to instruct us on issues that are solely our business,” Hidvéghi said.