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Support for Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony has fallen among Hungary’s adult population from 31% in June to just 20%, the daily Magyar Nemzet said citing a representative survey by pollster Real-PR 93. The daily attributed the fall to Karácsony’s “weak performance as a city leader”. “Endless traffic jams, growing travel times and the scrapping of one-third of public rubbish bins to save money” were likely to be the reason why the mayor’s popularity has fallen by 8 percentage points among city dwellers, Magyar Nemzet said. Among respondents outside Budapest, the mayor’s popularity declined by 12 percentage points to 16%, the daily said. Real-PR 93 said the biggest fall was measured among respondents critical of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. While 56% of this group said to be satisfied with Karácsony’s performance earlier, now only 34% say the same, the pollster said.