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Four US researchers are starting in Hungary in September under the arrangements of the 2021-2022 Budapest Fellowship Program set up jointly by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), Hungary Foundation, and the University of Public Service. Hungary Foundation director Anna Smith Lacey told a press conference on Monday that the programme had been set up because the founders believe it is strategically important that those forming opinions about Hungary internationally should possess reliable information and knowledge. Many people form opinions abroad without local Hungarian knowledge and language skills, she added.
The four US researchers, Kelli Buzzard, Michael O’Shea, Michael van Ginkel and Tate Sanders, will focus on Hungarian history and culture, and they will also get an opportunity to publish their research results. They will carry out their research at the MCC School of Social Sciences and History, at the Danube Institute, the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the University of Public Service. The research areas include preserving Hungarian national sovereignty and cultural identity, economic cooperation between the Visegrad Group countries, the security environment of the Black Sea area and Russia’s role in the destabilisation of the western world.
The fellowship programme was launched last year for young US researchers interested in central and eastern Europe.