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The government is making a third round of vaccines available from August 1 -- to be administered four months after the second -- and vaccination will be made mandatory for health-care workers, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió, citing the spread of the Delta variant.

Due to the Delta variant, people who are not vaccinated yet are in greater danger than ever before, Orbán warned. Elderly citizens who have so far not accepted the vaccine will receive personal visits to convince them to accept the jab, he said. Also, children over the age of 12 will have the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine on the two days preceding the start of the academic year, Orbán said. Some 13-14% of 12-15-year-olds have already received the vaccine, he added, with a vaccination rate among 16-18-year-olds of around 45%. The prime minister said Hungary remains one of the safest countries in Europe in terms of herd immunity, with the number of fully inoculated citizens exceeding that in Germany or the United Kingdom. Orbán advised Hungarians to travel abroad only if they are fully inoculated.
“During a crisis, all opinions expressed that create uncertainty are problematic, and everything that weakens joint action supporting the community is harmful,” Orbán said. That is especially true during a pandemic when human lives are at stake, he said.