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Hungary is committed to child protection and will resist the push by Brussels to get the country to allow LGBTQ activists into Hungarian kindergartens and schools, the prime minister's chief of staff told a regular press briefing.

Commenting on Wednesday’s European Parliament plenary debate on Hungary’s new child protection law, Gergely Gulyás said Hungary remained committed to EU law, the Hungarian constitution and child protection. “We are not advising anyone above 18 on how to live their lives. The Hungarian Constitution guarantees human dignity to everyone … regardless of how they live. Child protection is a wholly unconnected issue, where the Constitution imposes a duty on the state to protect its institutions, and clearly states that raising their children is primarily a right of the parents,” he said. While children’s sex education is the duty of the parents, teenagers will not be hindered in exercising their right to free speech and ask questions about homosexuality of their teachers, he said. Gulyás insisted “there was no need” for transgender people to talk in kindergartens and schools about changing their gender. He called child protection “the most important cause”, adding that besides the Hungarian constitution, the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights also declares that raising children is the duty of the parents.