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The opposition Socialist and LMP parties have pledged to increase wages and link teachers’ salaries to the minimum wage in the event of a change of government. In a statement issued on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, Socialist co-leader Ágnes Kunhalmi said everybody should be grateful to teachers and kindergarten staff who “teach, educate and love children with unwavering enthusiasm despite challenging and often undignified circumstances.” During the pandemic, teachers had to master digital education almost overnight last year and “were able to cope with the unexpected situation in system that is very far from modern or supportive,” she added. The Socialist Party, she noted, had made a vow in its primary election manifesto to link teachers’ salaries to the minimum wage and introduce free teacher training tuition after 2022.
In a statement, the green LMP party said teachers faced huge difficulties not only due to low salaries but also to a lack of teaching aids and a stifling curriculum. “This wonderful profession today is synonymous with an overabundance of administrative work, unpaid overtime and ideologically driven textbooks,” LMP’S co-leader, Máté Kanász-Nagy, said.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote a letter of thanks to Hungarian teachers for the work they have done over the past year, the Prime Minister’s press chief said on Sunday. Orbán praised teachers for their “exemplary work” carried out in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, adding that teachers had adapted swiftly and effectively to the new circumstances, including online learning.