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Santiago Abascal, the leader of Spain's VOX party, has met Viktor Orbán in Budapest.

Both the prime minister and Abascal were in agreement that parties promoting the freedom and traditions of European nations that represent many million European citizens dedicated to traditional values must have their voices heard in the debate under way concerning the future of Europe, Orbán’s press chief said. Europe needs national sovereignty, border protection, proper family policy and respect for cultural roots, they agreed at the meeting on Thursday.
Protecting the European Union’s external borders and lifting internal border controls will “remain a priority” after the coronavirus pandemic recedes, with a view to restoring free movement within the community, Katalin Novák, the deputy leader of ruling Fidesz told a press conference at the Röszke border station held together with Abascal. Novak highlighted Vox as a “notable voice against migration”. Controlling the external borders will “guarantee security for us all”, she added. Abascal said his party was seeking cooperation with other parties with the same standpoint that “protecting the borders is key for our future”.