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Ferenc Korom is stepping down from his duties as commander of the Hungarian armed forces, according to a decree published in the official gazette Magyar Közlöny. President János Áder appointed Lieutenant General Ferenc Korom as commander of the army on January 15 in 2019. His term was to have expired on May 15 in 2023. The defence ministry told MTI that it was Korom who had asked Defence Minister Tibor Benkő to allow him to step down, citing the full and successful completion of tasks assigned to him in 2018. These tasks included separating the Hungarian army from the defence ministry and moving it to a new headquarters in Székesfehérvár, in western Hungary, and the restructuring of the armed forces. The tasks also included preparing the modernisation of the armed forces and an upgrade of military hardware. Korom, as chief of staff, was an exemplary commander of the army in tasks related to pandemic defence, the ministry said in a statement. “Chief of staff Korom expressed the view that new tasks faced by the Hungarian Armed forces require a different type of leader. At the same time, he plans to continue using his experience and knowledge in the service of Hungary abroad,” the ministry said in the statement, adding that no decision has been made yet on Korom’s replacement.