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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a radio interview on Friday announced that 3.5 million people have been vaccinated in Hungary, paving the way for outdoor venues to open from Saturday morning.

Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió that by the middle of next week around four million shots will have been administered, and a wide range of services will be available for people with vaccine certificates.
Venues open to people with certificates will include theatres, cinemas, museums, dance and music venues, circuses, gyms, zoos, spas and swimming pools, sports venues and adventure parks, the prime minister said. It will also be possible to use the indoor areas of hotels and restaurants, he added.
The country, he said, will be opened up gradually. Meanwhile, a sufficient amount of Pfizer jabs will be allocated for 16-18 year-olds, the prime minister said. Currently, 12-16 year-olds are not eligible to be vaccinated in Hungary, and further testing must be carried out for that age group, Orbán added.
Some regulations need to be adjusted: since terraces will be allowed to stay open until 9.30pm from Saturday, the night-time curfew will start at 11pm, the prime minister told public radio.