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Hungary’s leftist parties “keep issuing anti-vaccination statements”, and try to “convince others not to get the jab while they get inoculated themselves”, the human resources minister told daily Magyar Nemzet. “As a doctor, I am shocked that they would go as far as risking other people’s lives to prolong the epidemic and obtain power,” Miklós Kásler said. The leftist parties’ propaganda is “aimed at creating uncertainty”, the minister insisted, stressing that “any vaccine is better than getting infected”. “Everybody must get inoculated as soon as possible because that provides the greatest chances to rein in the epidemic,” he said. Concerning hospital capacities, Kásler said that 40% of all hospital beds were ready to receive Covid patients, and 7% for intensive Covid care. He said that “about half of the 40%” is currently used, while “intensive units are much busier”. Overall, the health-care system is “coping with the burden”, he added.