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The alliance of opposition parties encouraged everyone to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in a video posted on Facebook on Monday. Ágnes Kunhalmi, the Socialists’ co-chair, pressed every Hungarian to get their Covid jabs. “This is the only way we’ll beat the coronavirus and get our lives back,” she said. Momentum leader András Fekete-Győr said the responsibility for what has happened in Hungary during the pandemic lies with the Orbán government, with its “unrestricted power”. “Fidesz is to blame for more than 4,000 health-care workers leaving hospitals at the peak of the pandemic,” he added. Párbeszéd co-leader Tímea Szabó said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is to blame for the number of Covid deaths, relative to population, reaching global highs in Hungary. Instead of taking speedy and efficient measures to slow the spread of the virus, she said “universities were privatised under the cover of night, and hundreds of billions were shoveled into the pockets of cronies, into private foundations, into sport, into the Dubai world expo or into [Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt] Semjén’s hunting exhibition”. LMP co-head Máté Kanász-Nagy said “the Orbán government and its strawmen profited during the pandemic” as money flowed into “foundations slurping up public funding, the hunting expo, and hobby football in Felcsút, while more than 20,000 Hungarian families were touched by tragedy”. Jobbik chairman Péter Jakab said doctors and nurses had “asked in vain for assistance as hundreds of thousands ended up on the streets, children were orphaned and businesses declared bankruptcy en masse”. “Even Viktor Orbán and his government cannot take away from us the opportunity to encourage people to get vaccinated,” Democratic Coalition head Ferenc Gyurcsány said at the close of the video. “The opposition party alliance asks everybody to get vaccinated,” he added.
Responding to the video in a statement sent to MTI, governing Fidesz said left-wing parties continue to collect signatures against the Chinese and Russian Covid vaccines. Fidesz said that while left-wing parties are talking others out of getting inoculated, their politicians “are lining up to get jabs”. Fidesz added that one of the left-wing’s local government representatives, who didn’t accept the available Chinese vaccine, then got sick and died, was “the victim of the irresponsible campaign” of left-wing parties. “Without Eastern vaccines, one million fewer people would be inoculated in Hungary because of the slow pace of Brussels’ vaccine deliveries,” Fidesz said. Fidesz asked left-wing parties to “cease their collection of signatures against vaccines and their rash slandering of hospitals and clinics”.