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The government has submitted to parliament an amendment proposal to the law on public education that would clarify rules on mandatory school and kindergarten enrolment, the human resources ministry said. A vote is expected during parliament’s spring session. If passed, the amendment would make it possible for the child protection authority to initiate delaying a child’s school enrolment if necessary, and if the parent has not yet initiated it. The bill would shorten procedural deadlines, allowing the Educational Authority to issue decisions sooner and for quicker appeals procedures. Also, in exceptional cases, a child’s kindergarten enrolment could be delayed until Aug. 31 of the year of their 5th birthday.
Another important aspect of the amendment proposal, the ministry said, was that vocational school students would also be given the opportunity to take part in dual vocational training programmes that offer vocational training employment contracts. Under the amendment, the continued training of teachers would be coordinated by the teacher training centres of Hungary’s higher education institutions. The amended law would also regulate so-called hospital pedagogical activities aimed at supporting students requiring prolonged medical treatment.