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Hungary's medicines authority OGYÉI has granted licences for use to the Chinese CanSino coronavirus vaccine and Covishield, AstraZeneca's vaccine produced in India, the chief medical officer said.

Cecília Müller, speaking at the daily press conference of the coronavirus operative board, said she hoped that a greater choice of vaccines would bolster the country’s vaccination programme, adding that “the jab is the only way out of the epidemic”. She said that 1.59 million Hungarians, 16% of the population, had received at least their first shot, but warned that the third wave of the pandemic was “still extremely dynamic”, with the highly infectious British coronavirus variant causing 90% of the new cases. “We’re running a race against time; the more immunised people we have, the sooner the epidemic will subside,” she said, encouraging citizens to “accept the vaccine offered without further consideration”. Müller said that the highest number of hospitalised Covid-patients, 625 people, are being treated in the hospitals of Budapest’s Semmelweis University, while another 450 were in the city’s Honvéd hospital.