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The opposition parties have accused the government of using the vaccine registration system for “data collection” and called on it to come up with a clear action plan to restart the country “instead of propaganda consultation”. The Democratic Coalition (DK), Jobbik, LMP, Momentum, Socialist and Párbeszéd parties noted in a joint statement that the National Consultation survey, seeking the public’s opinion on issues regarding the reopening, is accessible at, the website also used for vaccine registration.
The government “has made the vaccine registration system part of its election preparation”, the statement said. Voters submitting data on the registration site “agree to turning their data over to [Cabinet Minister] Antal Rogán’s propaganda ministry and Idomsoft, the company running the election system software.” The parties called on the government to “stop collecting data” from Hungarian citizens and to publish a clear action plan on restarting the country and on helping companies hard hit by the crisis, rather than conducting a “propaganda consultation”. They also called for guarantees for free choice of vaccine. No one should suffer discrimination for wanting a vaccine they trust more, the statement said. The government’s “jumbled communication” on vaccines and the changes made by government decrees to long-standing professional procedures have undermined public trust in vaccines, it said.